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Orpheus Trust - Verein zur Erforschung und Veröffentlichung vertriebener und vergessener Kunst

Welcome to the website of Orpheus Trust in Austria (1996-2006). Its successors' plattform is

Declaration of support

If you want to support the Orpheus Trust in Austria, please sign and return

by fax: 0043 1 526 80 92

snail-mail : Verein Orpheus Trust
Sigmundsgasse 11/3
A-1070 Vienna


Thank you so much!

Your Orpheus-Team


Since its foundation in May 1996 the Orpheus Trust has been the only institution in Austria dedicated to documenting the music that has been persecuted and forbidden by the nazi-regime and the composers, musicians, musicologists, music editors and organizers, forced to flee Austria or murdered in concentration camps. For the last seven years, the Orpheus Trust has successfully committed itself to bringing back the music into the standard music repertoire and to promoting public awareness of the life-stories of these musicians.

Due to the lack of public funding (subsidy for personal costs only cover one part-time job/EUR 22.000- a year, althought three fulltime-workers would be necessary) the existence of the Orpheus Trust is in serious danger.

In my opinion the Orpheus Trust in Austria is an institution which this country cannot do without. Therefor I appeal to the Republic of Austria and the City of Vienna to preserve it and to fund it adequately.

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Charlotte Demant




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