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My name is Manny Aptowitzer of Toronto.
How do I get in touch with Professor Walter Arlen Aptowitzer.


[Manny Aptowitzer  06/07/2005, 18:15]
Fritz Spielmann and his relatives
I was glad to read about my father's cousin, Fritz. My father passed away this Dec. and I am trying to find out more about my relatives. I think this site is very informative. I never got to meet Fritz as I never knew that he lived so close to me. Toronto is quite close to New York.I have become an enthusiastic collector of his legacy but I do not own 1 item and wonder if anyone has any items of interest or recollections of him as a person.
[Peter Spielmann  03/13/2005, 03:49]
Thank you
I was able to find your short bio on my Grandfather Max Geiger. Nice to know that his legacy will live on.

Rick Geiger

[Rick Geiger  12/10/2004, 20:31]



Jimmy Berg




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