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Lotte Lehmann

1888 Perleberg - 1976 Santa Barbara
Lotte Lehmann, born in Perlenberg near Hamburg February 27, 1888.. After studying singing in Hamburg, berlin and Munich debut at the Hamburg Opera (1910). In 1916 she becomes a member of the Wiener Staatsoper (then Hofoper), which she remained until 1938. 1919 she sings the 'Färbersfrau' in the world premiere of 'Frau ohne Schatten' by Richard Strauss. In 1922 she starts performing on regular tours which established her fame in both Europe, south America and the USA. In 1934 and 1935 she performs at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and from 1928-1935 at the Salzburg Festival under Toscanini. In 1933 Lotte Lehmann refuses to comply with Goering's request to submit to Nazi-Germany's culture policy and leaves Germany in the course of a tour through Austria. After a last performance of the 'Marschallin' in Richard Strauss' Rosenkavalier in September and a last concert at the Vienna Musikverein on october 1, 1937 in 1938 she cuts her contacts with the Vienna Opera and goes into exile in the USA, where she is a member of the Wagner-ensemble of the Metropolitan Opera in New York until 1944 and gives recitals. Last opera performance in 1946, farewell recital at New York Town Hall 1951. 1947 she founds the 'Music Academy of the West' and until 1961 she gives masterclasses for singing and opera. She directs the 1962 performance of 'Rosenkavalier' by Richard Strauss at the Metropolitan Opera. Next to singing Lotte Lehmann has always loved to write, later on she took to fine arts. After her death on August 26, 1976 Lotte Lehmann was awarded a grave of honour at Vienna's Central Cemetery. Update Primavera Driessen Gruber June 22, 2015


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