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Charlotte Demant

1894 Tarnopol - 1970 Wien
Charlotte Demant, singer, pianist, teacher, born January 1/2, 1894 Tarnopol, died August 21, 1970 Vienna. Music studies in Czernowitz, 1914 voice studies in Vienna with Laura Hiilgermann and Daniel Andersen, theory of musical forms with Anton Webern, piano with Eduard Steuermann. Bank clerc, concert singer in Vienna, focus on classical repertoire and vocal work of the Vienna School. 1920-1935 married to Hanns Eisler, mother of well-known painter Georg Eisler. 1936 -1938 in the Soviet Union work for MUSGIS (state owned music editor), among others edition of the vocal work of Gustav Mahler and proof reading for Prokofiev. 1938 flight to Prague, work for a refugee organization, 1939 exile in Great Britain (Manchester), where she performed as a pianist, accompanist, and singer in the concerts of the Austrian Centre and all over the country, premiering music by Hanns Eisler and others; piano teacher, vocal coach and director of a women's choir. 1946 remigration to Vienna, 1947 voice teacher at music school of the the Vienna Konservatorium, 1957 subeditor of the music department of the Bulletin of the Austro-Sowjet Society. Update Primavera Driessen Gruber July 17, 2015


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