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The Orpheus Trust, a non-profit organisation dedicated to researching, documenting, and promoting the awareness of persecuted and exiled music and musicians, was founded by Dr. Primavera Gruber in May 1996 with the aim of giving this music the recognition and appreciation it rightfully deserves. In January 2004 the Orpheus Trust had over 500 members and friends.
The Trust's activities focus on three main areas:

  • Research and documentation of all data pertaining to the life and work of musicians born in Austria or in countries formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian empire who were persecuted, exiled, or killed by the Nazis. These include composers, performing artists, musicologists and critics.

  • Promotion of exiled or persecuted musicians through concerts, recordings, workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

  • Provision of information and establishment of an information network for musicians, concert organisers, researchers, educators and the media.

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A-1070 Wien
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