Welcome to the website of Orpheus Trust in Austria (1996-2006). Its successors' plattform is orpheus.news



Our homepage contains only a small selection of short biographies.
The biographical database contains data of more than 4.570 persecuted, exiled and murdered composers, the ‚composition data base‘ has information about more than 11.000 works by such composers and the ‚interpreters‘ data base‘ contains 1.300 data. Search criteria are biographical information, country of exile, deportation, remigration, primary and secondary sources, instrumentation and duration of the piece, whereabouts, copyright-owner, information on characters, etc.
Since the data are protected and because the data base of Orpheus Trust is a work in progress‘ containing still unverified information, they are not published in the Internet, but the data base the is available to the public. Interested people can make an appointment by telephone in order to have access to the data base. It is free of charge for members, non-members have to pay a small fee.



Walter Arlen




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