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Ruth Schoenthal / Schonthal

1924 Hamburg - 2006 Scarsdale, N.Y.
Ruth Schoenthal/Schönthal, born June 27, 1924 in Hamburg as the daughter daughter of Austrian parents Fritz Schönthal and Ida, née Spitz, composer, pianist,. 1930-35 she studied piano, music theory and composition at the Stern'sches Konservatorium Berlin with Luise Lede, Winifred Wolf and Heinz Edhofen. When this became impossible because of the 'Nuremberg laws', private studies in composition with Walter Hirschberg and piano with Alfred Meizel. 1938 escape from Nazi Germany to Sweden, where she continued her studies at the Royal Music Academy with Ingemar Liljefors in composition and piano with Olaf Wibergh. 1941 flight from Sweden to Moscow, to Vladivostok with the Transsiberian railway via Japan to Mexico, where she worked as a bar pianist and a silver designer. After composition studies with Manuel Ponce, in 1941 she left for the USA to study at Yale University with Paul Hindemith. After her B.A. with honors. Ruth Schonthal worked as a piano teacher, music critic and composer. 1974-77 she held teaching positions at Adelphi University, from 1976 on at Westchester Conservatory, 1977-2006 she was professor for composition at New York University, followed by New York University Scarsdale. 1994 she was awarded the 'Heidelberger Künstlerinnenpreis'. Ruth Schoenthal passed away July 11, 2006 in Scarsdale. Compositions: chamber music, orchestral works, operas. Update Primavera Driessen Gruber September 6, 2015


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