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Georg Kreisler

1922 Wien - 2011 Salzburg
Georg Kreisler, born July 18, 1922 in Vienna, composer, musician, writer, was a pupilof Hilda Stern's famous children’s department of the Neues Wiener Konservatoriu, studied piano with its director Hilda Stern, violin with Felix Lenz and music theory with Walther Klein. After the two months transferred to a 'School for Jews' in Vienna's sixth district. During these days he followed an occupational re-training of the Jewish Community in Vienna as jazz musician. End of october 1938 with his parents refuge to the USA with his parents, where for a short while he attended Hollywood High School. 1941 first attempts at music arrangements, film composer at ‘Booths and Saddles Pictures’, musical and show conductor in Hollywood, répétiteur for Pepita La Mone, Patricia Downing and Theo Bachheimers Opera Studio. From 1943 on US-Army, training with OWI; during the war troops coach and show producer for the allies, after the end of WW II interrogation specialist. 1946 return to New York, theory lessons at a Settlement School and voice with Elisabet Hatschek. In 1947 debut as piano entertainer at Le Ruban Bleu, 1951-55 night club pianist and singer New York 1955 return to Vienna, co-director ‘Intimes Theater’, lessee of ‘Marietta Bar’, cabaret with Gerhard Bronner, Helmut Qualtinger, Carl Merz, Peter Wehle. 1958-62 Munich, 1976 Berlin, 1991 Salzburg; composer for radio and TV, created TV production ‘Die heiße Viertelstunde’ (Hot 15-minutes). 2000 first performance satirical opera ‘Der Aufstand der Schmetterlinge’ (The uprising of butterflies) In May 2004 he was awarded the Bavarian cabaret prize. Georg Kreisler passed away in November 2011 Update Primavera Driessen Gruber June 22, 2015


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