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Erwin Weiss

(Pseudonym Peter Falk), Pianist, conductor, composer, teacher, 1912 Vienna - 2004Vienna. Studies at Neues Wiener Konservatorium, Vienna Music Academy Joseph Marx theory, Max Springer and Felix Weingarten conducting. Piano teacher, concert pianist, 1928-32 conductor youth choir Favoriten (10th district), pianist at ‘Rote Spieler’, arrest. 1934-38 Arbeitersängerbund (workers choir) Favoriten. 1938 escape to France, 1939 exile GB. Conductor ‘Young Austria Choir’ Austrian Centre London, work in war industry. 1945 remigration to Vienna, 1951/52 conductor of the youth choir of the Austrian Trade Union, headed by him for 40 years from 1956 and called “Chorvereinigung des ÖGB”. 1946-50 piano teacher. 1960-78 director of the Music Conservatory of the City of Vienna. 2003 Gold Medal of City of Vienna.


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Lisl Steinitz




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