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It is time to secure traces
They were persecuted and expelled, forced to emigrate to countries whose language they did not speak. They had problems coming to terms with the new social and cultural conditions they were facing.

The ‚Third Reich’ was the starting point for unheard-of persecutions. For political and ‚racial’ reasons composers, conductors, musicians and musicologists from Austria or from countries that formerly had been part of the Austro-Hungarian empire were tortured, murdered or exiled from their home countries and their intellectual environment.

For some refugees the country of exile was just a stop-over, but for most of them there was no return after 1945: they were not welcomed back.

Oblivion and ignorance followed the end of the Nazi era in the German speaking countries. For decades archives carelessly handled important artistic documents and, furthermore, the spirit of that period for a long time prevented extensive research and documentation.

Wind blows away the traces of history.
It is time to secure them.



Alma Maria Rosé




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